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Liquid Drip Bore Cleaner 8 fl oz

Liquid Drip Bore Cleaner 8 fl oz

Liquid Drip Bore Cleaner is specifically formulated to remove powder, lead, and metal fouling. The same cleaner in a bigger bottle, now featuring a spray cap for easy cleaning. Developed in Aliquippa, PA and made with all natural ingredients, Liquid Drip Bore Cleaner is the safe, effective, and affordable solution for your bore cleaning needs.


    SHAKE WELL. Carefully soak patches in our Liquid Drip Bore Cleaner by removing the spray cap. Gently swab the bore twice before running a cleaning brush. Finish by running a few dry patches through the barrel until a clean patch is achieved. For other cleaning methods, use the spray head as needed. Follow all proper cleaning methods as instructed in your firearms manual.

  • Proper Storage

    Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.

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