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Our Story

Firearms and Family

Hello to all who visit, support, and use Liquid Drip. My name is Brian Suminski, and I grew up in the small town of Edinboro, PA. It was here that my passion for everything 2A got its roots. Listening to my grandfather's first-hand accounts of serving in the Marine Corps, I understood that the freedom I was blessed with wasn't really free. My father taught me all there was to know about gun safety, shooting techniques, proper maintenance, and taking care of firearms. As an avid outdoor and gun enthusiast, there were many lessons along this journey. First and foremost, purchasing high quality firearms is expensive but its an investment that ultimate safety and security rely on. Storing guns safely in an accessible area is a must, and in order for any piece of equipment to perform at an optimal level it must be maintained with care.


The Liquid Drip Solution

After years of being disappointed with the harsh smelling oils that were available on the market that left unwanted residue and led to under-performance, I decided to develop top quality gun lubricant and cleaner. Not just any gun oil, but one that I could trust when providing my children with the same knowledge about guns I was brought up with. Liquid Drip is an all-natural gun oil that cleans and has been proven to ensure your firearm will be ready when you need it. I trust this product with my life. I am 100% confident that once you try my superior brand of gun oil, you will never need another one. There's a great satisfaction in knowing that Liquid Drip supports other small businesses by purchasing from them to create the most effective gun lubricant and gun cleaner available today.


Brian Suminski
Owner and Operator
Liquid Drip LLC

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