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Liquid Drip CLP 4 fl oz

Liquid Drip CLP 4 fl oz

Developed in Aliquippa, PA and reviewed by a chemical engineer; this product has undergone extensive testing over the last year. Liquid Drip CLP is a Non-Toxic, 100% All-Natural Plant Oil Blend that serves as a firearm lubricant, cleaner, and protector. Liquid Drip Gun Lubricant was primarily created to reduce friction on wear and tear parts within the mechanics of all firearms. It can also be used to lubricate tools, clean debris, and protect against corrosion when applied on steel. This lubricant was designed from the ground up. Many months were spent researching scholarly articles to find the perfect blend of natural ingredients to offer the ultimate lubricant protection. Some topics of interest that were studied to make this a perfect blend included, but were not limited to:All-natural, non-toxic, non-corrosive oils with adequate viscosity and oxidation inhibition levels, properties for extending shelf life, high smoke points, low freeze points, and non-chemical, and non-alcohol based oils.*All ingredients are Bio-based & 100% natural*Nearly all ingredients used are Kosher Certified & Non-GMO Certified USDA Organic*100% MADE IN U.S.A*No chemical smell

  • Directions for Use

    TO USE: SHAKE for a few seconds, then push down on cap while turning counterclockwise. Drip/lather oil on the bolt or action of the firearm as stated in your firearm instruction manual under cleaning and maintenance. To clean, simply wipe off debris with a soft cloth or paper towel after heavy shooting. Re-apply lubricant to the firearm(s) before shooting, hunting, and storing in a damp or wet area. Apply as needed to reduce friction, reduce wear, and prevent corrosion. This is not a bore cleaner. Only used to clean, protect, & preserve from wear and tear on moving parts.

  • Video Music Credits

    4th Quarter By MAYENiAC

  • Photographer Credits

    Charles Morrison

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