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Heavy Duty Gun Lubricant (1 fl oz)

Heavy Duty Gun Lubricant (1 fl oz)

Liquid Drip Heavy Duty Gun Lubricant is a new formula designed to significantly reduce friction on moving parts by preventing the early onset of wear and tear that occurs prematurely when using other products on the market. This heavy blend of oil is made to stay where you apply it, making it the very best option for those who perform heavy shooting with higher round counts.

Liquid Drip’s heavy duty blend brings us a great alternative to using grease where there’s:

1.) Less accumulation of carbon and other debris.

2.) Far less chance for malfunctions, especially in colder environments.

3.) Less time spent cleaning.

We know that you will love it!

  • Proper Storage

    Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.

  • Photographer Credits

    Charles Morrison

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